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Commissions/ Trades / Requests.


Sorry, I don't do free requests for anyone but close friends. They know who they are. Chances are, it's not you. (Sorry if it sounds harsh, but people - stop asking!)


Please contact me about this, I may be swamped. But, as a general rule, I do still do trades with other artists.

My only requirement is that you actually *try* when you draw. Just a note, it's generally considered polite to actually try in trades. If your regular work (especially pictures you do for other artists) is better than the picture you send me, I probably won't jump at the chance to return a picture. And when I do return it, I probably won't go all-out either. I'm not saying do a super-snazzy background, with an action pose, all in color, 5 characters or anything. But a scribble that is not even half as good as you normally draw doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy either. ;p The rule is "expect to get as good as you give". If you just want a little doodle, then draw me a little doodle. ;p

You're welcome to do any character of mine you wish to (I'd actually rather you decided which character you wanted to draw). If you ask, I'll give you a choice between two characters, generally a guy and a girl, so I'd still be making you choose. :D I don't mind if you pick the character you'd like me to draw.

Oh. And I rather prefer you don't just send me a picture and request the trade. I don't like being 'forced' into art trades. ;p I consider any picture you send me before we agree on a trade as a free gift. ;P


Please note that I DO NOT DO HENTAI. Don't ask. Thank-you.


--- Sketches -
pen or graphite (pencil probably, maybe charcoal pencil or my graphite pencils).

It depends on if you want a sketch-picture or just want me to 'doodle' your character(s)... With a "sketch-picture", you'll get one picture, and probably another page of "doodles" I've done to get used to the character(s). If this is the only thing you're 'ordering'/commissoning, then they'll probably be drawn on my "natural tone" (kind of an off-white) 11x14 inch sketchbook paper. If not, they'll be done on computer paper.

*Sketches with your commission come free. Sketches *as* a commission will cost three (3) dollars, plus S&H.


--- Drawing, no background -
Probably drawn in ink, unless otherwise asked.

The picture will be drawn on your choice of my 11x14 "natural tone" paper, regular sized 'quality' paper (best for colored pencils), regular sized photo quality paper (it's thick and smooth, nearly as thick as a photo would be, best for markers), or legal length printer paper. Adding color to a drawing will add on another two dollars.

*A drawing, no background will cost you five (5) dollars, plus the 2 dollar color cost and S&H. You'll get any sketches, doodles or "ruined" pages for free. ("Ruined" refers to any major mistake I make, such as miscoloring your character(s), spilling something on them, etc.)


--- Drawing, limited background -
Probably drawn in ink, unless otherwise asked.

You'll get your choice of paper, again. Adding color is 3 dollars this time (the background). The background would, of course fit with the 'theme' of your picture. An example of a "limited" background would be a wall, objects the character(s) interact(s) with, a simple border/"Celtic knot", etc. (Example pictures will be uploaded later, e-mail me for those if you're interested.)

*Drawing, limited background will cost you seven (7) dollars, plus the three (3) dollar color cost and S&H. You'll get the sketches, etc for free.


--- Drawing, medium background -
Probably drawn in ink, unless otherwise asked.

Your choice of paper; 4.00 color cost. The background would fit the 'theme' of your image. An example of a medium background would be a bed they were sitting on and color to represent the walls and floor or a room, it's window and the view outside or a more involved border/"Celtic knot" etc. (Example pictures will be uploaded later, e-mail me if you're interested now.)

*Drawing, medium background will cost you nine (9) dollars, plus the four (4) dollar color cost and S&H. You'll get sketches, etc for free.


--- Drawing, complex background -
Probably drawn in ink, unless otherwise asked.

Your choice of paper, color cost of 5.00 (I'm talking a *complex* background. ;P ) Again, the background would fit with the 'theme' of your image. If you want them outdoors, they're outdoors. If you want them in the city, by gum I'll draw them a city. ^_^ Examples of a complex background will be uploaded later. You know where to e-mail me if you want to see examples now.

*Drawing, complex background will cost you anywhere from 15 - 25 dollars - depending on the background (this is something we can discuss on a case-by-case basis), plus the five (5) dollar color fee and S&H. Sketches, doodles, and 'ruined' are free.


--- Computer coloring -
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0 or Photoshop 5.5

If, in addition to any of these commissions, you want to see digital color on your commission, that's perfectly ammendable to me. :D Backgrounds on these will be more or less up to me, unless you had something particular in mind. I might do some neat effects in the bg, or insert a photo, or whatever. You'll recieve 'files' of the color, no special effects or background and special effects+background, and you're free to cut them up as banners, or to make thumbnails or whatever. S'long as you don't claim the art as your own, I'm happy with whatever you do to the picture(s) (And that goes for all of my art you order from me.)

*Computer colored drawing will cost you three (3) dollars. I'm not 'out' any supplies, but the cost in asprin alone... ;D If you like, I'll also ship you a printed copy of the images on my photo paper. But, I must warn you, my printer doesn't like all my colors, so what you see on the screen won't be the same colors as you'll get on the paper. An extra dollar (1) and S&H is all it'll run you. (Of course, you're free to take it to Kinko's and do your own print, just don't produce and sell prints of my art, please. Rights to printing is not what you're buying.)


--- Characters..

A "normal" commission is of one character. A second character can be added for two (2) dollars. Each additional character (3 or more) will run you three (3) dollars each. This is to prevent people paying for one character from paying the same cost as someone paying for 20. And, besides, the more characters, the greater chance that I'll make a mistake. ;P

--- Color..

I have, at this moment, only three types of coloring I feel I'm qualified to charge for at all. (Four if you count computer coloring.) I have colored pencils, markers (my prefered medium), and watercolor pencils (I'm still learning). If you want me to experiment with paint or pastels or whatever, I can't guarantee success. I might also have to run out to buy the supplies. ;P The medium of color is your choice, or you can leave it up to me.

-- example commission--

So, here's an example of a commission. Say you want four characters, in color, with a complex background. In addition, you'd like to see it computer colored and you want a copy.

Four characters = 0 + 2 + 3 + 3 = $8
Complex Bg =
$15 (let's just go with the lowest for kicks)
Complex Bg; color =
Computer color =
Printed copies =
Total cost =
$ 32 + S&H

---- I'm open to a bit of haggling, but not much. I'm just a poor college girl, after all. ;P

If anything you have a question about is not covered by this page and/or you have a commission, please e-mail me!

Hope this helps you make a more informed decision on whether not to commission me. I'd of course, appreciate your business. :D Thanks for your interest!

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