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E-mailing me?

Before e-mailing me, there are things you must know and ask yourself.

I suck at e-mailing people. SUCK at it. I don't like it much and I'm not good at it. :P I let e-mails sit for days, weeks and even *months* before responding to them. More than likely, I'll get back to you *eventually*... but it's easier to just post something to my messageboard if you want to chat, or request a trade or commission or something. :P

Ask yourself: Why are you e-mailing Klawz?

* I want to commission her.
Read my commission info before contacting me. My front/main page should say whether I'm currently accepting commissions.

* I want to do an art trade with her.
Read my art trade info before contacting me. My front/main page should say whether I'm currently accepting commissions.

* I want to ask her to do a free request of my character.
Nope. Sorry, don't e-mail me. I won't even respond.

* I want to send her a gift-art I've done for her.
Thanks very much. ^_^ You can e-mail it to me. ^^ I'd prefer you send it as a link, but if you prefer sending files, that's fine. Just put what it is in the subject line.

* I want to chat and be friends!
UHmmm... Thanks! But I'd rather you posted to my messageboard rather than you e-mailing me.

* I want to ask her a question not covered in her FAQ, commission info, etc.
You *might* want to ask me on my messageboard instead. E-mailing me might be okay, tho.

* I want to tell her what a good artist she is.
You should either visit my Elfwood galleries or my YNA page and leave comments there. Or, alternately, you can make a topic about it on my messageboard. Please don't e-mail me about this. ^^; You're likely to have to wait months for a response.. I'm sorry. ^^;

* I want to report a misuse of her art.
Please e-mail me or write a post on my messageboard.

* I want to cyber-date her!
Hee.. Flattered, really! But I have a boyfriend whom I love very very very much.

* I want to talk about the SWAT Kats/anime/whatever.
Please make a post on my messageboard instead. :P

* I want to get her AIM SN or ICQ # or something.
Sorry... I don't give out my AIM SN. If you ever hear what it is, you won't be able to contact me anyway, I have it blocked because of a few people who probably qualify as Internet Stalkers. I don't use ICQ anymore, so even if you request to be added, or send me a message, I won't get it. Sorry. ^^; If you want to chat with me, use my messageboard. If you want to chat in "real time", you might find me at the YNA or Side7 chatroom. I don't have any "habitual hours" or anything.

Still here? Okay. My e-mail address is: