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[Updated last on: 05/18/99]

Kamika-Z No Homepage Email
Katareena Katareena with her arms crossed across her chest and winkin' attcha. ;) Computer colored. Color
Breeze Rough Sketch of Breeze with her icicle-daggers. Unfinished, but I couldn't wait to put it up! Colored Pencils (I think.) Color

Ashryn Art on Strike's Art Page
Art on Yerf
Thoughtful Katareena with her long hair-ed look. Isn't it pretty? She has jackal-like ears and I think it's cool. ;) B&W
Shae Sketch Sketch of Shae sitting in a chair and looking tired. Very cool. Check it. :) B&W

Strike Homepage Email
Calendar Girl Katareena (long haired version) kneeling in a star spangled one-piece. She's Miss July for Strike's 1998 SKRPG Calendar. Pencil. B&W
Service With lots of different meanings, all teasing me :), Strike did her interpretation of Kat's fashion sense and put it in the "Lampooned" form of my 2,000 hits image I had on one of my pages a long time ago. ;) Except for the huge dots on her pants, I actually *like* her outfit, Strike! ;) B&W
Look @ Paw Strike sent me a snail-mail letter with this pen doodle of Katareena on it! Why is she looking at her paw like that? Dunno, and neither did Strike when she sent it to me. I love eet! B&W
Chirp! Katareena sits on an egg and chirps cheerfully. Why, you may ask? Well, it's a long story, but it involves Kat having "nested" somewhere... B&W
3 A.M. A group picture that includes Katareena. The picture is actually representative of the craziness that happens when the rpg is going on and the muns (the people behind the characters) get tired and silly. ;) Kat is the chick who's sprawled over a guy's lap, has another guy collapsed on top of her, and is holding the ankle of a dawg on his back. :) The names of the other characters in the picture will be furnished upon request. ;) B&W
Bracelet Katareena returns to Jessica Maverick the bracelet Mave gave Abby for her birthday. It's not that Abby didn't want the bracelet, it's because she gave it to Kat to hold while she went to go defuse a bomb Dark Kat set....and died in the process... (Don't worry, Abby's not dead anymore! :) B&W
Yas Drops Ball Another SKRPG group picture that happens to include Kat. ;) Kat is the second chick from the left and is upset because Yasmine is dropping "The Abby Ball". B&W
St. Kat In-Joke about Kat's super-fashion sense. ;) Also comes from #skrpg when Kat died. Other chick in the picture is Strike, I believe. ;) I think this was done in marker. Strike's character is (c) herself. B&W
Sebadoah's Puppet Sebadoah with a puppet. *g* How did Strike know? Must be the clothes....she's right. (Sounds like babbling, doesn't it? Well, see the picture and you'll probably understand.) B&W
Clubbin' Shae Shae in a metalic silver dress dancin' at a club. ;) Based on an RPG, but not nessessaryily rpg only. ;) CUTE, ISN'T SHE??????? B&W
Demoness Kat This is the picture that inspired the whole Kat-is-a-Demoness storyline! It's sooo cool! Strike was wondering, "What would happen if a demon got a hold of an angel (besides corrupt it)?" So here's Kat all half-demoness, half-angel in shackals ('cause she's in slavery to a demon in this picture). The snake-tail represents the first sin. :) B&W
Lucky... This issa cute picture of Shae looking over at Cami Perkins and bein' all jealous. ;D Isn't it precious???? :) I love it!!! B&W
Green Dragon Green Dragon (Siyah Meese) doing some kind of martial arty pose with her bladed fans! Yeee! Lotsa purdy flowing ribbons! Look look! Color
Gold Dragon Gold Dragon (Burr Meese) doing a martial arty pose with his katana! His shirt's off, and that's probably how I'm going to have his Team F.U.R.Y. outfit be! Isn't he a hottie??? Color
Heaven & Hell HA HA HAAaa! Katareena in SD action-action-action! In 'panel' one, she has just died and reached the Golden Gates of Heaven, harrassing a generic angel, and in the next, she's Demoness Kat. :) This is unbelievably cute, but that might just be me. :D B&W
Scuzz & Angel Kat Ooo. pretty pretty! Angel Kat with gorgeous eagle wings floats above the ground where awed/frightned Scuzz looks up at her, wondering if he should try to touch her. GORGEOUS picture.

Kain/Charlie Troy Homepage Email
Hug Katareena sits behind Sephton and gives him a hug as they both give the "camera" a grin. ;) Done sorta human-realistic style. Pencil. Sephton is (c) Charlie Troy! B&W
Anime Katareena A stylishly anime type picture of Katareena's face. Those eyes! Those lips! :) It's easy to believe that Katareena is known as an actress when Kain draws Kat, ne? :) B&W

Wildfire/Deanna Echanique Homepage
Art on Strike's Site
Desisions Katareena with her trademark necklace trying to make what is apparently a hard decision. ;) SD Kain and Bastet are in the background and are (c) Charlie Troy and Deanna Echanique respectively. Ink B&W
Angel Kat Katareena in her angel form (note the lack of her necklace. ;) She must have just lost her necklace because she still looks distressed. Isn't this lovely? I have only a vague idea how she colored this - probably ink and colored pencils and blurred with an art program. Color

Sarah Combs No Homepage (More of her art found at Strike's Fan Art Page, however!) Email
....What now? Katareena and Jeremy ask each other that question now that Abby's dead at the hands/paws of Dark Kat - but Yasmine has a way of bringing her back... (Abby's the one with the black hair and white fur, Yasmine's the black furred, white haired one and Jeremy's the brute behind Kat. ;) Lookit Kat's buff bod! ;) Colored Pencils and ink, I believe. Color

DJ Clawson Homepage Email
Group Picture Group picture including Kage, Maverick, Underdog, Tabby, Bender, Strike, Wheels and Klawz (in her long-haired days). Colored Pencils. All characters are (c) their respective players. Color
Whheeeeeeee! From an rpg where Jon had too much coffee and Kat tried to calm him down. He took her for a ride faaaaar far into the sky...where the birdies play in the sky all day...! Eep! Kat's in her long-hair period. Jonathan Weissman is (c) DJ and Underdog is (c) the people who own the (c) to him. Colored pencils. Color
Talk Jon and Kat have another one of their talks about traumatizing things and stuff while Jon cooks more of his pasta. Mmm...pasta.... Jonathan Weissman is (c) DJ yadda, etc. Colored Pencils. Color
Let's Kill! Wheels and Klawz get all pumped for a fight and Jon (the sensible one, everyone knows it), comments. Wheels and Jon are (c) their respective creators. Color

Amanda "Kikki" Taylor Homepage Email
Group Dr. Viper, Kikki, Katareena, Callista and Rikki pose for a group shot. Kat looks very Beverly-Hills-90201-ish, methinks. Dr. Viper is (c) Hanna-Barbera, Kikki, Callista and Rikki are (c) their respective creators. Crayons, I think. Color

Lt. Kristen Sharpe Homepage Email
Star, Artist, Vigilante...Actress *Fan-fic only!* Collage of Kat's many personalities in my series of fan-fics staring her. ;) Pencil. B&W
Klawz Klawz in her flight suit in front of her Phoenix. Originally drawn before I had a scanner, and boy were we both surprized at how accurate Kristen got Klawz!!! This is actually Fan-fiction Klawz. ;) Prismacolors and Photoshop. Color
Ember SQUEE! Ember steps out of a portal and blows one dangerously hot kiss at the viewer. :D This picture is SO COOL. Color

Calico Katt/Jessica Ratte Homepage
Space on Yerf
Katareena Katareena flexin' her arm all tough-like for ya in about as dressed-down as she gets. ;) In Jessica Ratte's distinctive and kickass style, no less. ;) Colored pencils and Photoshop, I believe. Color
Shae Shae kneeling in this really really cool outfit (that I originally drew her in, no less!). Her hair's all red and white (this is the reason why her code name is Kane...get it? Get it? Bah!) because she left the dye out for once. ;) Colored pencils and Photoshop..I think. Color
Mewdusa Mewdusa in all her snakey glory! Isn't this gorgon cool looking? Isn't Calico/Jessica great? Of course she is! :) Colored pencils and Photoship, methinks. Color
Klawz Klawz in her red&black uniform (and her necklace too! :) I love how Jessica did the mask - how come I can't get it to look that good? :) Colored Pencils & Photoshop (?) Color
Siyah! Siyah Meese posing prettily while standing in a cute dress (Now how come it turns out better when you draw it, Jessica? :) I'm surprised she stood still long enough for this picture! :) Colored pencils & photoshop(?) Color
Burr Meese! Siyah's big brother lookin' like he's readin' his sister the riot act, that or explaining something complex. :) Jess was worried she drew him not looking like himself, but this is Burr all the way! ;) (Isn't he handsome? :) Colored pencils and a computer art program. Color
Red Lioness Red Lioness, leader of Team F.U.R.Y. You probably know her better as Sebadoah, though. ;) I love this picture! She looks so cute!!!! Color
Ice Ice a.k.a. She-Bayne looking unbelievably cute in this picture. ;) Of course, since she's a bad guy the look on her face might make you mad - but you'll still love this picture! :) Color
Cheethra Cheethra (a.k.a. Kitty) in a rare moment - she's not moving and she's not being extremely hyper! Gasp! In fact, she looks rather miffed. This is such a cool picture that it's inspiring me to run off and draw Cheethra s'more myself. ;) Color
Breeze Breeze the Ice-Sorceress-Panthress holding an icicle and smilin' all friendly-like. (PS. Jessica's goal is to be the artist with the most arts up here, can you tell? :) I'm pleased as punch, can you tell? :) Color
Burr's Card Burr Meese is in Jessica Ratte's Furry Card Set 98-99! Yay! Isn't he so cute? :) He's also veeery tall! Color
Ember Ember the Fire-Sorceress-Pantress with a flamin' paw. She's Breeze's fraternal twin sister. :) Color
Sailor Suit Katareena in a sailor suit. I love this picture - it's so sweet! My favorite part are her hands (paws?). They're so graceful! :) Color
Katareena's Card Katareena Perkin's card in the Furry Card Set 98-99. Kat's posin' all sassy-like and looking at you over her shoulder. Large file - but it's worth it! Color
Klawz' Card Klawz' card in the Furry Card Set 98-99. She's in a cool martial-arty pose and she's going to kick some tail inna second! Isn't it so cool??? Color
Siyah's Cat The ever-so cute Siyah Meese holds out a very confuzzled grey kitty. Maybe this kitty is actually Jet Greymalkin only put in a real cat form instead of a kat form...hmn... This picture's so darlin'! Color
Klawz/Katareena Smooth picture of Klawz in some semi-martial-arty pose against a background of Katareena turning to look behind her. It's SO gorgeous!!! Jessica spent a lot of time on this picture - and it shows! Color
Siyah Salutes! Who's she saluting? I dunno, but she is! And she's so cute!! :) I wish I had legs this long... Color

PacRat/Jennifer Rodriguez Homepage
Art on Yerf
Art on Strike's Site
Katareena PacRat's first picture of Katareena. ;) Kat's just sitting and thinking. Methinks she'd talk with a growl in this particular moment in time. ;) B&W
Fashion Kat Three pictures of Katareena. In one, Kat's staring up in a white tee-shirt, pondering (great things, I'm sure. ;), the one below it has Kat playing coy in a blue shirt (probably trying to get someone to do something with/for her. ;), the main picture is Kat in a kickass green dress (I WANT!). One thing you'll notice, however, is that her fur color is red - she looks like a fox! ;) Hee hee...well...she is, ain't she? ;) Colored pencils. Color
Shae Shae in a green cat-suit and leather bomber jacket. Colored on computer by Klawz (well, her player, anyway). HERE is PacRat's original (un-colored) version - which is in pencil. Color
Holi-Daze A group Christmas picture of many of the #skrpg. ;) Shae is the second elf on the right (the one pulling the bag o' toys). ;) Isn't she adorable??? If you can't read the text and/or want to know who the kats in the picture are, they can be furnished upon request via-e-mail. ;) Color
Angel Klawz Either Katareena dressed up like an angel for Halloween/Christmas, or a *SKRPG only* picture of Katareena in her angel form. ;) Your choice. ;) It's gorgeous! Color
SK Group-ola! Katareena is in thar! See? She's the cute chica between Cameron and Scuzz! Two of her buds!!! Isn't this a great piccie? B&W
ARMY Kat! Katareena 'gain! This time she's all ARMY-fied! Which is great since Klawz-mun (that means the in real life me) is an ARMY-brat! Yay military! ;D Color

Callista SK Homepage Email
Split Screen *SKRPG only!* Profiles of Desert/Spirit Klawz on the left and Callista on the right. Both are in war paint and they're going to go hunting. Colored pencils and Photoshop. Color
Fight! Morning Star (Callista) and Klawz running into a fight. Klawz is wearing a modified uniform - and kickass boots that are now standard issue! :) Colored pencils. Color
Desert Klawz *SKRPG Only!* Desert/Spirit Klawz winks at the "camera". Ain't she cute? Klawz doesn't look like this, really - but she once did! ;) Colored pencils. Color
Desert Klawz (II) *SKRPG Only!* Desert/Spirit Klawz again, this time almost full body in standard uniform. ;) Colored Pencils. Color
Katareena Katareena posing nicely in a maroon&blue Oriental shirt and neat jewelry! ;) Markers Color
Happy Birthday! A birthday gift to me from Callista. ;) Katareena looks confused-like at a bag of goldfish (Cal gives everyone goldfish for their b-day. ;) Neat-o jewelry and outfit. ;) Colored pencils. Color
On Stage Katareena's all super-super thin and sitting on stage in a slinky dress and stole. Kat's never done stage acting before - but she might just try! Or maybe she's geting an Oscar??? Ooo! The thought! ;) Colored Pencils. Color
SD Dance A little SD doodle of Katareena with a happy face shirt and braids....dancing! ::dance dance:: Pencil. B&W
Switch Katareena and Morning Star (Callista) do a little wardrobe switch. Both are none too comfortable with it. ;) Colored Pencil. Color
Not a Bunny! Shae in baggy pants and a mid-drift tee-shirt that has a bunny crossed out. Callista said it was just that she (the artist) didn't like bunnies at that moment - but I came up with a different interpretation - Shae's NOT a bunny! Because of Shae's (slightly) longer ears, she used to be teased about being a bunny. ;) Colored Pencils. Color

Lady Maverick Homepage Email
"Who, me?" Katareena in blue ink looking impossibly cute with a paint brush in her pocket and a bucket of paint by her feet. :) She looks as if she's saying "Gee, I don't know how that freshly painted sign could possibly have gotten there...." Tee heee hee... Color

DM Eikyuu Homepage Email
Shae in a Tree DM's first picture of any of my characters! Is a SUPER spiffy picture of Shae Jo'Joba in a tree. She's either at the city park or in Elven Lands... Color
Seba's Portrait Sebadoah in a cool Lion King-ish style, frowning slightly (well, looking normal that is. ;) Her blonde hair is doing this pretty fly-away thing. :) This gorgeous picture, brought to you by DM! Drawn by hand and colored in an art program, I'm guessing. :) Color
Breeze The enchanting ice-sorceress stands in an ice-covered valley (you can tell 'cause there are ice-covered mountains in the background) and lets the wind blow through her hair. Beautiful picture! Color

Paladin/Bryan Costello Homepage Email
Katareena A cute picture of Katareena (he misspelled her name, but I'm not going to foam at the mouth over a missing 'a'. ;) with a knife strapped to her side! Yeah! Get down and dirty, Kat! ;) Drawn in pencil. B&W
Katareena (In Color!) Katareena gettin' nasty with those knives she had in his last picture of Kat. ;) And, as he pointed out, her name's spelled right in this one. :) Thanks a lot Paladin! I love it! Color

Macbeth/J.S. Art on Strike's Art Site Email
The Fire Chief I must hand it to Macbeth - I only had a vague concept of "The Fire Chief" in mind when I asked Mac to draw him. Mac even got the fact that the Chief was left-handed (pawed?). Drawn in the Marvel "short" style in pencil. B&W
Roses Cameron Weiss offers Shae Jo'Joba some pretty flowers! :D Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! Isn't this a great piccie?? I love it! B&W

Athena/Osidermon Homepage
Art on Side7
Ember Bust shot of Ember (you know, the fire-sorceress-panthress?). Athena (a really cool person and great artist!) played around with a new art program technique for coloring it. She says it took for-ev-er! I believe her! Look how wonderful the picture is (and I'm not just talking about the coloring either. ;) What do you guys think? Does Ember need a kickass copper necklace like Athena gave her for this picture? Yes, methinks so... Color

Teknokat/P.P. Art on Strike's Art Site Email
Thanks Comic (pg1) I draw Teknokat some pictures and -gasp!- I get a thank-you comic! Here's page one!!!! B&W
Thanks Comic (pg2) The end of this comic! Wasn't it hilarious? It's so funny! I love it!!! [LINK FINALLY FIXED] B&W
Knock-Out Commemerative "hits" image of Fan-Fic Katareena. :) It's SO cute! Thanks Tekno!!! Color

A She-Kat / Vikki Art on Strike's Art Site
A She-Kat's Side7 Account
DragonFly GASP!!!! It's Katareena in her dragonfly-winged angel-form self!!!!! Ahem. Before you get *too* confused, it's a picture by a fabulous artist of Katareena with dragonfly wings. Why dragonfly wings? 'Cause when you remove Kat's magic necklace (ooo, ah!) she becomes (duh-dun-dun-DA!) Angel Kat! Sorta. If you guys ever wanted to see what Katareena would look like if she were on the show SWAT Kats - here's your chance to find out - beautiful, ne? Color
Breeze! Again! I get another gorgeous picture from A She-Kat (named Vikki)! If you ever wanted to see what my ice sorceress, Breeze would look like in SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, here you go! It's so lovely! We both love it! (And I'm so flattered she remembered me again!)

Scuzz Art on Strike's Art Site Email
SK Park SKRPG South Park Style! Eeeek! Katareena is in the picture twice. :D Ain't she cute? :D Hee hee hee. I LOVE this picture!!! (Gee, big surprise, ne? :) It's so funny! But unless you're in #skrpg, I dunno if you'll get it... hmm... P.S. -> Scuzz has also made me a fun avi file of Katareena changing from Angel Kat to Demoness Kat - email one of us for a copy! ;) Color

Oxeye Art on Strike's Art Site
Ice A rather old picture of Ice! Whoo! With a knife! Eeek! The reason it hasn't been up is 'cause I lost contact with the artist for a few months! This isn't an accurate representation of her current skill (and I lost the address to her more recently updated art site - get back in touch with me Oxeye!!!) B&W

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This gallery holds pictures of characters that are (c) Klawz/Chella Reaves. If you would like to draw or use these characters, please contact me! The images themselves are (c) the artist(s) and if you would like to use them, please contact both the artist and Klawz! Any and all other characters are (c) their respective players/copywrite holders.
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