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The Players

All characters are copyright (c) their players. Do not use without permission.

Alternative SKRPG Characters
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Good, of close enough, Characters Evil, or close enough, Characters
Mike the Vile Cheerful, empathic shekat x none as of yet


Primary Characters

Good, or close enough, Characters Riot Bounty-hunting lynx
Cameron Led Zeppelin-loving albino wolf Robbie Bears a mark of her name
Corpse Grizzled homicide detective Scoop Newspaper photog. with an eye for justice!
"Crash" Furley Band member, SWAT Kat wanna-be Scuzz A newly souled demon. He's on fire!
Gindolyn Hola. La webmistress es muy cansados Skid Needle-fearing motorcycle mechanic
Ann Gora Fearless news anchorkat Lt. Stark Gets to play with the new Enforcer bikes
Hawk Vigilante, master of disguise, actor Rive Bodyguard, super-rat!
Hydraflame Pyotechnics expert, nice gal Wheels Bike messenger, Klawz's "adopted" bro
Kane Half-kat, Half-elf, all trendy Wildkat Why you little...
Johnny Katchran Do-gooding lawyer    
Kazuma He's cool, yet still a nerd    
Klaymore Blade-wielding defender of justice Evil, or close enough, Characters
Tuco Morgan MASA development tech/guinea pig Edge Not a good wolf to cross
Relay Pentalingual ,worldy shekat Rudi CLAW Lt., blames video games

Secondary Characters

Good, or close enough, Characters Smoke A howlin' good firefighter
Agent Orange This guy has STYLE T-Bone Terrorizing the friendly skies
Boomer Driven Enforcer explosives expert Teknokat Owns a mysterious suit of bioarmor
Dark Kat Dark Kat, of course Tracker Homeless butt-kicker
Faust Nearly-presceint, workaholic Enforcer    
Hades The only mechanic in the yard? Evil, or close enough, Characters
Klawz Actress by day, crimefighter by night Domino & Dice A treacherous duo
Clio Melete One messed up chica Fenris Head of CLAW, against all katkind
Nate Music-loving teen tomkat Goldy Drug trafficking shekat
Lynka Pandora Agile athlete and aspiring doctor Judgement Deluded shekat with noble intentions
Puddles Sweet-natured Aquian Prism Crystalline shekat with a vendetta
The Rook Cheerful Enforcer motorcycle cop Tyr One-handed CLAW general

Tertiary Characters

Good, or close enough, Characters Evil, or close enough, Characters
Adia Serene ninja shekat Agent X Evil secret agent kat!
Bender An everyman's kat, highly wacky Atomic Dawg Insane, works for CLAW
Furball As the name implies, she's fluffy Breeyagh Your 'everyday' dragon-man
Hanzo da na na na na na na na Hanzo! Cassidy Cassidy the Beast
Hybrid A doctor with an attitute problem The Duck Don't ruffle his feathers
Kenji Crunchy coating, serene creme filling Ice Uncle's little darling?
MidKnight An undead warrior of good Madkat Magical trickster
Outlaw Yee-haw, Outlaw's gonna dust it up The Metallikats Unstoppable robot criminals
Sam & Clockwork Naive shekat and her, er, "cousin" Rezz Furball with an arson hobby
Specs Trekkie, techno-geek, lovable scamp Ruffius A respectable gang member
Squire Midknight's modern-day helper Yasmine Soulless, nasty sorceress
Strike Puff Mommy, ex-leader, all Abby