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Top of the Line Lynx

SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive
With over 60 terrific authors (I've got a few up there myself) and more than 275 stories, it is sometimes just referred to as The Archive. Many of these stories are better than the actual show (oh! I've said something evil!) Updated about twice a month.
Strike's SK Zone
A huge and very well laid out site with wav. files, fan art, etc. and even mIRC SWAT Kats RPG! (in other words, this place has everything but the Kats on TV again!) Updated about once a month.
Okami's Strictly-Enforcers Only Webpage!
Yeeeah! A terrific site. Has an Enforcer art gallery, a list of You Know You've Been Watching Too Much SK When..., bio's etc. For Enforcers ONLY! (okay, not really!) Hasn't been updated since January - however it is still a must-see for Enforcer fans!
Down These Mean Skies...
...a kat must fly... And this site does fly (even has take-off sounds!)Try it when looking for episode reviews...and more. A great site with articles from the heart of a true SK fan. Hasn't been updated since February, but it's still worth a look!
Razor's Edge
A chat room, info, fan fiction picks of the month, fan art, and more! Java enhanced, and offers you the choice between high impact and low impact versions. I'd recommend the Low-Impact version unless you have a super-spiffy computer. Hasn't been updated since December '98, but it's still worth a look!
General Razor's Cytadel
In both English and Spanish (your choice). I just wish some of his page links weren't broken! (Like to the Callie Shrine type thingie.) A snazzy page, but hasn't been updated since it was made, apparently ('97/'98, I forget).
Purrcy's SWAT Kats Page
Fan art, merchandise (not to buy/sell, to display), and more. A really kickin' page design! Updated about every month or two.
Seeker's Hangar
A really neat guy with a really wicked-cool page design! He's workin' on getting his stuff back, so just give him some time and it'll have loads of goodies! (updated June 5 - hey, that's today!)
The SWAT Kats Enthusiast Club Online
A re-hashed version of the SKFCO (SWAT Kats Fan Club Online). Has things that the SKFCO doesn't have. Home of "Project Tremblay", the TSKECO Web Ring, and Fan Fiction Internationals. Updated about once a month.
SWAT Kards
Not quite top of the line, but it's a SWAT Kats e-card (electronic postcard) service that I made. ;) Yippiee! Warning, though: if I get over 500 cards sent a day for five days straight, my account gets deleted. :( So, please limit yourself to three kards a day and I'll be happy! :)

Mid-Sized Pages

Calico Brigg's Online Office
Devoted to Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs. Fan Art (I've got some up there), Fan Fiction, wavs and screen grabs. If people would submit, he'd update more often, I'm sure. ;) Updated about once every three months.
Felicia's Place
This page is nice. Fanfiction, fan art...check it. ;) Updated regularly when the webmistress has access to her school's computer! And it's the summer, d'oh!
Nikkitrina's Realm
Has lotsa stuff, plus the following in her SK section: Links, Fanfiction, fanart, a huge character list (88 and counting) and a Katsfan Quiz thingie. :). Updated about once every two months. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
TJ Stripes Fanfiction Archive (The Striped Side of Life)
Home of the SWAT Kats Ring of Fanfiction and offers a small fanfiction archive, a small amount of pictures and a small amount of wavs. Updated occasionally.
Kikki's Dr. Viper Page
Da. Finally a Dr.Viper page. I'm sure it's something you could sink your fangs into. Fan art, Kikki's fan fiction, screen grabs, wavs, bios, and a bit more. Updated every month or two.
Shirubie's SWAT Kats Page
A list of the SK arsenal, link to HyenaBoy's page of Episode Lists, a screenshots gallery, fanfics, fanart, and links. Updated about once every two months.

Smaller Pages

B-Ko's SK Info. and Junk!
One of the Original SK pages. Hasn't been updated since Januar 1997 and probably never will be again.
Blue Pard's SWAT Kats Site
Has a bit of background information and such. Worth a look, and hopefully Pard will add more..? Hasn't been updated since 1997, and probably never will be again.
One of the original pages I ran across when I first came across it on the net. A few links and pictures. Hasn't been updated since 1997, and probably never will be again.
Save the SWAT Kats
Yes! Save them! Save them! But, er....the address doesn't seem to work (the e-mail, not the site)... Basic SK info and nothing else. Hasn't been updated since (you guessed it) 1997. And I highly doubt it will ever be again.
SWAT Kats Page
Small info. page (bio's for most of the characters). Pictures taken from HyenaBoy's page, I think. Hasn't been updated in awhile. Probably won't be.
SWAT Cats | The Radical Squadron
A little page that reviews the SK videos. They apparently rated a Wow! - which is the highest rating. ;) The bios are switched around and they say that Callie knows their secret identities (I have no idea how they got that...), but it's nice to look at and say "Hey, I watch that show. I'm a proud SK Fan!" ....or not. Doubtful it will ever be updated, it's a review!
Megakat City SWAT Kats Temple
By SilverKat, a very cool (and sometimes vocal) member of the SK mailing list. ;) Jus' give it a few weeks and it'll move up. ;) Offers Fanfic and an "altar" for you to give offerings to the SK's. ^_^ Choose wisely, or you shall anger the SK Gods. ;) Updated about once every one or two months.
Voice Work in SWAT Kats
A list of 17 (so far) of the voice actors from the show. Includes a link to other voice work they have done. Here is a simular link. May include credits not included in the other list.
SWAT Kats: A Titles and Air Dates Guide
Small, mini FAQ with the dates each episode aired, etc. Check it.
Felina Feral's Homepage
Tiny page with... uhm..hmn.. Really, almost nothing. She plans to have stuff, though. So, until she does...
Welcome to the SWAT Kats
A smidgeon of information. It has a link to my site, how could I resist?

Message Boards and Mailing Lists

SWAT Kats: Katfans Megaboard
A message board that sometimes becomes very active. It was originally intended just for AOL rpgers, but has branched out into a forum that rivals only the Mailing List!
The Ranshanka's Realm
Rauhnee Ranshanka's site. Has fanfiction, the new mailing list, and selected fan art. Warning: There is an "adult" pictures area on this site. You must be at least 18 to view. If you're not 18, don't look. 'Nuff said.

Furry Art!!!!

SWAT Kats Fan Art
The biggest and most varied fan art site there is! (Not only SK art, but rpg and fanfiction characters along with a few non-SK fandom art.) Run by Strike.
Razor's Edge Fan Art Page
Some new fan art every month (?). Like the main page, this page hasn't been updated since December.
The SWAT Kats Gallary
Rauhnee Ranshanka's site for her and other's art (altered and drawn). Also has the Adult Art Gallery, so don't go if you're not old enough!
Kristen's SWAT Kats Gallery
Kristen's works of SWAT Kat fan art. Great stuff! Also poetry, real audio sound clips, and more! Updated about once a month, sometimes more or less often.
JClawson's Place
A kickin' page with lynx, bios, fan art, etc. Hasn't been updated since December '98.
Felina's Art Gallery
Felina (da, from the AOL rpg) has her rockin' art up for your enjoyment! ;) SK, AOL rpg characters, Samari Pizza Cats, other Furries, and more art!
The SWAT Kats on the Net
Choose between frames and non-frames to look at a cute art gallery, a little essay about how Aun was first introduced to the SWAT Kats, a bio of an rpg character he made up, and links.
Shardiana Studios
LH-Chan! has lots of cute art for you to look at - even a seperate SWAT Kats art gallery. :) Have fun.
Lady Maverick's Page of Fan Stuffs!
From the mIRC SKRPG! WHOOHOO! I love her art. ;) Mav's so cool. ;) SK, mIRC rpg characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more art!
Monthly SWAT Kats Art Challenge
a.k.a. the MSKAC. This is a brand new site for you! It's a kind of a contest of SK art...well, check it out and submit, dangit. ;) Co-run by Klawz and Strike (so you know it'll be super-fab. ;)
Formerly the Squeeky Clean Furry Archive. Not SWAT Kats, but furries. You'll catch some SK fan art there by Vikki 0. (aka A She-Kat, aka Felina).
Another furry art gallery sort of like Yerf - however, styles other than furry are encouraged and hosted here. A few SK fans have accounts here, so you'll find SK fanart.
Klawz' Sketchbook
Yeps, it's my art site. ;) Lots 'n' lotsa stuff. It's mine, so don't say I didn't warn ye. ;) (SK, rpg characters, furry, and more!). Updated about once a month...give or take a week..

SWAT Kats Images

Aivars SWAT Kats Images
Okay, so I made up my own title.... Bunches of zipped files of images. I don't know where you'd find so many on Felina Feral.
Aviars other SK Images Place
More images for you to get your paws on. ;) Screen grabs from several episodes all in nice little folders, also misc. screen grabs scattered about. Fan art is also stored here, but it's hard to tell which is which by just the title. Has scans of reviews of the game.
Dave's Itty-Bitty Furry Toons (SWAT Kats)
Screen grabs from selected episodes. Very high quality, and I downloaded it easily (on a slow connection, even!)
SWAT Kats Images
Hosted by moi, as in, this is my webspace. Lots of pictures for you only by "official" artists. If you're an artist or just want to print and color SK images, look here. Large files, about 150 kbs each, most images take up your entire screen and more.

SWAT Kats Role-Playing!

Strike's SK Zone (Frames)/(No Frames)
Strike's mIRC SKRPG. If you would like to join make SURE you read the bio guidlines page! Lots of IRC rpg related things. :)
Amanda Taylor's SWAT Kats RPG!
Everyone's favorite Viper fan has started her own rpg. She lists the rules and shows you bios of existing characters. A few links in case you want to leave her site.
Fang's Homepage
Fang has information on his Tripod SWAT Kats RPG.
Rikki's RPG!
A page that works hand in hand with the official AOL SKRPG page.

SWAT Kats Role-Players Pages

Callista's Dominion
From AOL's rpg. Has her own beautiful anime-ish art and more! Cal's always got something for you. ;)
Felina Cerviche's Homepage
Felina Cerviche from AOL rpg graces us with her wonderful art and more!
The Intro...
Kain from AOL sk rpg has tons of stuff for you to feast yer kitty-slit eyes upon. ;) Careful, 'cause some of his stuff is (c) him! He has some really great art too! Check it!
Anime Kat: Wildfire's Page
Again, based on AOL's rpg with a great original art gallery and poetry and s'more stuff. :)
Castle Bladea
Careful with this one, kewl music surpised the heck outta me! ;) It's all about AOL rpg-er Bladea Dragnalia.
Rick Cougarandt's Homepage
Has a profile on his character, a few mini profiles on his friends and links.
Callie Biggs Homepage
A page for a person on WBS who chats as Callie.

Other Languages

It looks GREAT! Lobo is planning on creating an English version soon. (Or so he said to one of the SK mailing lists when he posted this link...)
General Razor's Cytadel
Oooh...this is great! Way new page for the SWAT Kats, in both English and Spanish (your choice). I just wish some of his page links weren't broken! (Like to the Callie Shrine type thingie.)
The Megakatcity's TempleI'm not quite sure what this page has as the links I tried were broken and the page seems to be in Spanish. ;)
In Spanish, review (cheats too?) for the SK SNES game.

SWAT Kats Fan Fiction

SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive
With over 50 terrific authors (I've got a few up there myself) and more than 235 stories, it is sometimes just referred to as The Archive. Many of these stories are better than the actual show (oh! I've said something evil!) Now maintained by Jason Miller (not DJ).
MegaKat City Blacknet: The Uncensored Fanfiction Archive
Exactly what the title says. They don't censor what you write here, and most of the Blacknet's stories are rated R or NC-17 (XXX). Viewer discression is advised. Yadda. Run by Rauhnee.
Untold Battles of Godzilla
Has a Godzilla/Road Rovers/SWAT Kats cross-over fanfic you might like to read. ;)
FanFiction Internationals
The TSKECO is starting a fan fiction contest - and they need your help! Visit this site to find out about this new contest!
TJ Stripes Fanfiction Archive (The Striped Side of Life)
Home of the SWAT Kats Ring of Fanfiction and offers a small fanfiction archive, a small amount of pictures and a small amount of wavs.

SWAT Kats Webrings

SWAT Kats Webring
The Original SK-Ring, and the most popular. I encourage you to add your site here if you have an SK page.Here is a list of the sites on the ring.
SWAT Kats Enthusists Webring
The second SK-Ring and the second most popular. Here is a list of the sites on the ring.
SWAT Kats FanArt Webring
For SWAT Kats fan art sites. If you're looking for SK fan art sites, check this ring out. Here is a list of the sites on the ring.
SWAT Kats Web Ring of FanFiction
For sites with fanfiction or rpg stuff.Here is a list of the sites on the ring.
Dr. Viper Webring
A webring for...Viper fans, I guess. I'm apparently a member of it, though I don't remember signing up. Run by Amanda Taylor, of course. Here is a list of the sites on the ring.

SK-Related (but not exactly SK)

Cartoon Over-Analyzations
Has one or two mentions of the SK's in there. A rather kickass site, in my opinion. Maybe you guys would like to add more?
Run by one of the most famous SK fanfiction writers and his friend. Full of interesting and funny articles, RealAudio radio-show-like movies, etc. Has a few SK items (and promises more).
Catgirl Gallery
A nice page. In fact, a nice bio on Felina Feral and a link to Okami's Enforcer site. Why don't you go and add your submissions for Ann Gora, Abi Sinian, Callie Briggs and Turmoil? Felina's bio is under "Non-Anime Catgirls".
Daria Make-Overs
Uh..heehee...There's a make over of one of the characters to look like Callie Briggs, so I added this.
Cartoon Network.Com
Cartoon Network's homepage. Should include SK stuff in the future (to hurry things up, why not drop them an e-mail asking for SK things?)
Macro Antromorphic Animals and Other Giant Beasts Page
A page devoted to Furries somehow changing from normal sized to Godzilla sized characters. Includes a mention of Dr. Viper along with a review of "Mutation City" from the Macro point of view. A rather interesting site.
Index of Famous Cats
From real history to your favorite Sunday comic, this site has the names and a little bit of info on each of these famous cats. Several (or all, if my memory serves me) characters from the show are mentioned.

Just in case you missed it...

Bio's Page
With all my bios (which were mostly taken from the promo sheets on Edo's Archive).
My SK Fan Fiction Page
All my fan fiction linked to one page. Well, actually, they aren't. Better go to The Archive for a complete listing...
Nick Ball's Essay
What the title says. ;)
My Fan Art
My art, mine mine mine! MWAHAHAHHAHAHA- er...yes...
My Homepage
Like the name says....hmm..... Really crappy. I only keep it around for emergency file space.

Hey, you like cats as well as kats? Why don't you check out The Home of the Lynx? It has plenty of links to cat or cat-people links to get you started. ;)

And here are a few more of my favorite links. Not SK, but I like 'em anyway. Lotsa broken links. Maybe one day I'll update it.

T-t-t-that's all, folks!!! (ending music here)


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