Imagine this.....

You are a fabulously wealthy man with a famous wife. You own about half of the private land in Montana and most of the good television stations...

Your name is Ted Turner.


...something makes you take a look at one of the shows you have absolute power over. You decide you want it off the air.

The show was SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.

Your name is now tED tURNER.

I love the SWAT Kats.

I'm furious at Hanna-Barbera - the evil tED tURNER to be more exact.

The SWAT Kats is the best show in the entire world, and the evil tED tURNER took it off the air because of unspecified reasons, as far as I or many other SK fans are concerned.

I love the SWAT Kats.

I'm forever in the debt of Cartoon Network - they brought the show to their station, you see (too bad I can't be happier with that, tED tURNER has ties with Cartoon Network too).

Please, please people, write Hanna-Barbera and help us DEMAND our SWAT Kats back! (But say it nicely so they'll WANT to!!!!)

Here's the address:

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.
3400 Cahuenga Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90068

Just in case you are totally clueless about the SWAT Kats, their world or alternate universe is populated by katkind (or, in laymans terms, everybody is a kat). They live in the city called Megakat City. Their law enforcement is called the Enforcers (sort of like combining our Air Force, Marines, Army, and police force together).

The SWAT Kats were part of that until they were forced to crash into Enforcer Headquarters. Feral wasn't too happy about that (even though he caused it) and kicked them off the Force and made them pay back the damages by working at a scrap yard/garage.

Seeing all the high tech scrap, Jake and Chance realized they could build their own jet and take to the skies as vigilantes. They did as T-Bone and Razor , which made Feral about as happy as a clam in a pot of boiling water.

Until next time, fly high and land however you can! Oh, and while I have your attention, why don't you visit my lynx page ?

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